Bad things shouldn’t happen to good people. Unfortunately, sometimes they do.

Recently, the good folks at a nonprofit hospice center in Idaho were fined by The Department of Health and Human Services for an unencrypted laptop – with hundreds of patients records on it – that was stolen out of a worker’s car.

On top of a hefty fine, the hospice center must follow a two-year Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and maintain compliance records with the CAP for six years.

That’s a lot of time, money and scrutiny for one small organization and a single laptop computer.

It didn’t matter that this was a small organization or that it was focused on doing good – the ramifications were still severe.  And the bigger the organization is, the bigger the potential problem. Bigger fines. Bigger negative press coverage. Bigger customer concern.

Although the use of PCs is declining for consumers, Gartner is predicting double-digit growth for mobile laptops used in businesses. More laptops on the road means more opportunities for data to be compromised. So while these increased levels of mobility offer tremendous benefits, they also come with tremendous risks…unless organizations use Citrix XenClient, which is a part of XenDesktop, to secure the mobile laptops.

XenClient enables mobile workstyles by helping organizations of all sizes ensure stolen laptops don’t result in compromised data, customer concerns, negative press, or financial impact.

Installing XenClient is simple. It can be done by any IT administrator, and a single server can centrally manage and secure over 1,400 endpoint devices.

And XenClient can be configured to be completely transparent to end users – so your employees never even realize they are using a virtual desktop, because it boots up, runs and shuts down like a native laptop.

XenClient offers peace of mind for IT professionals who will get that inevitable call from a mobile worker to say that his laptop was stolen. The device may not be recovered – but the data on it will not be discovered.

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