In today’s mobile workplace, enabling employees to work from anywhere on any device is no longer an “if” but a “how soon & for how much”.  Companies want to support mobile work styles by delivering desktops and apps with cloud-like efficiency.

Citrix and IBM are partnering together around desktop virtualization to address this need.   We have jointly transformed desktops and applications for customers across industries from large banks, to healthcare institutions and manufacturing firms by accelerating their business imperatives through key initiatives like BYOD, flex-working, and mobility.  The blog by Mike Ballengee, Sr Director SI Development, Citrix points to some informative customer testimonials and videos.  Also check out the guest blog on the expert integrated systems site by Peter Woodward, Senior Manager, Global Alliances, Citrix.

Building on this success, IBM SmartCloud with XenDesktop is now more efficient with the updates IBM has made to PureSystems that fully integrate compute, storage and networking resources for rapid deployment and cost management. Couple this with the flexibility that XenDesktop offers through Flexcast, and you can efficiently tailor the desktop experience for different user groups, business needs and IT strategy without sacrificing scalability.  End-users are happy because they get the mobile experience they need to be productive, while IT secures and protects access to valuable corporate information and data – both with employees and critical stakeholders such as off-shore or contract workers.

IBM, working with Citrix, has created a reference architecture for IBM SmartCloud Infrastructure with Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 on VMware ESXi 5 hypervisor.   Additionally, Alex Yost, VP of PureFlex, IBM and Orestes Melgarejo, Sr. Director of Partner Enablement, Citrix have created an excellent video to describe the strategic IBM and Citrix partnership and why this relationship is important to our Enterprise customers.  See additional resources on the IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure site.

To learn more, attend the IBM webcast on Smarter Computing and read the press release.