Following on from our January 2013 Citrix Support Secrets webinar which covered Cloud Gateway 2.5 Technical Overview and Troubleshooting, there was a series of questions asked during the session that we didn’t get to answer.  See the questions and answers below. BTW if you missed the webinar and would like to watch it on-demand, you can find it here.

Q: The wizard will create the enterprise clientless policies..not good or has this been corrected in newer NS builds?

This is still the case for AG This would be corrected on a future build of AG 10.

Q: When will the SQL requirement go away?

In the next release of StoreFront, the plan is to go away from the SQL dependency for application subscription.

Q: AppController includes CVPN or Universal Access licenses, correct?

That’s correct. When purchasing CloudGateway Enterprise, you will get AG Universal Licenses. For more details, please contact Citrix Sales or your Citrix Reseller for more specific details.

Q: What is the browse built on? Safari?

It’s an HTML5 mobile browser built by Citrix. Behaves similarly as Safari but it’s not Safari.

Q: Any plans to get rid and not use MSSQL and a built in database instead?

In the next release of StoreFront, the plan is to go away from the SQL dependency for application subscription.

Q: Device Registration: Is automatic device registration only available when using AG with CG?

No, you can also have Device Registration via AppController only or StoreFront + AppController.

Q: CloudGateway Express doesn’t integrate with Access gateway?

Yes it does. You can check more configuration information here – or here –

Q: Hi, I’ve a questions regarding CloudGateway in combination with CloudStack/CloudPlatform. Is it possible to deploy CloudGateway / StoreFront within a CloudStack/CloudPlatform Account without using AccessGateway / DMZ? The Goal is to replace legacy Web Interface installation with StoreFront so that our customers & partner are able to access their XenApp & XenDesktops from their offices via Receiver on our CloudStack / CloudPlatform deployment.

We’re working to integrate CloudGateway as part of a multi-tenant solution. More info to come. Stay tuned!

Q: Will there be any talk of changes to storefront in the upcoming release? As I noticed within storefront in the excalibur that there in no sql requirement. Can more info be given?

As you noticed, the next release of StoreFront will no longer depend on SQL for its app subscription database. More info will be released shortly.

Q: Can you confirm the AG version with the cloud gateway wizard?

Starting on AG build we introduced the CloudGateway wizard. My recommendation is to use the AG to take a advantage of the new features of CloudGateway 2.5.

Q: how do I achieve high availability for storefront?

We’re working on updating that type of deployment but you can check this article some details in the meantime –

Q: How many applications/users can a single app controller handle?

A single AppController with 2 vCPUs and 4 GB of RAM can handle up to 10,000 concurrent users

Q: What DB does the app controller require/use?

It uses a Postgres database.

Q: Is the AppController the XenDestop DDC or is this two completely different things?

Two different things. AppController is Enterprise mobility product while XenDesktop DDC is for Windows virtual desktops.

Q: Do these restictions work for Android apps too?

Yes. We will release the same type of restrictions for Android in the upcoming release of Receiver for Android 3.3

Q: Resuming: what happens if an Active Directory user does not have the ‘manager’ field filled? If this user asks for an app which have a workflow only with an additional approver, what would be the behaviour

That’s OK. You don’t need to have a manager defined in Active Directory for all domain users. You can define additional approvers instead and leave Manager Levels as-is.

Q: Can this replace WI & CSG?

Yes indeed. We’re working to enhanced StoreFront in such a way that allow current Web interface customers migrate easily.

Q: what about NS Release 10.73.5, is that supported with CGW 2.5 ?

This release of AG has no enhancements specific to CloudGateway 2.5.

Q: Is the calender of @mail app merged with the calender on the device?

No, it is a built-in calendar from @workmail app.

Q: How is the Enterprise product licensed? Per user / Per device / CCU ?

Per user. If you want to know more details of CloudGateway Enterprise licensing, please check here

Q: when can we get an appcontroller for hyper-v?

We’re looking at it and provide more details later this year.

Q: When is Storefront 2.5 Express version slated for release?

Sometime in 2013, sorry I can’t be more specific.

Q: When will Hyper-V be supported for the AppController?

We’re looking at it and provide more details later this year.

Q: where is workspace control for storefront

It is enable by default. You can manipulate the settings on the web.config files. Check this information –

Q: Where is the connector for SAML? I cannot get this working or have no idea where this is.. therefore none of the native sharefile apps work with appcontroller

When you configure ShareFile under the Docs area of AppController, you’re configuring a built-in connector that uses SAML to do SSO against ShareFile.

Q: When i launch application through ipad and going through storefront it does not recognise the application is open else where and does not launch.. when you close on desktop then it will open

We’re working on support Workspace Control features on Receiver for iOS to alleviate this problem. Stay tuned.

Q: Also where is the sharefile for receiver?

ShareFile Plugin for Receiver for Windows can be download it here –

Q: Will netscaler 72.5 be able to used for all this or do you need to downgrade?

NS is not really a downgrade. It was purposely built for CloudGateway 2.5. We will release another GA version that is not enhanced edition that supports CG 2.5. More info to come.

Q: Will there be wrapped mobile apps for @workmail and @workweb in cma or mdx format when the GA Release is available? the current preview release is only available as .ipa file

Apple does not allow us to sign the mobile apps in MDX format on behalf of end-users. We would be breaking Apple’s EULA. In this case, you need to purchase from Apple’s Enterprise (or Developer) certificate, so you can sign the application within your organization.

Q: Are there any limitations in using an older version of XenApp… 4.5, 4.0 etc with CloudGateway?

Supported versions of XenApp farms are: XenApp 4.5, 5.0, 6.0 and 6.5.


The February 2013 webinar will cover: Planning, implementing and troubleshooting Provisioning Services 6.x

This session will begin with a brief discussion about planning a Citrix provisioning services install and the installation requirements, followed by in-depth troubleshooting information including log analysis, network trace analysis and the tools used by Citrix Technical Support to address common issues.  Join this webinar to learn about Provisioning Services.

What you will learn:
– Resources available to help you plan and install provisioning services
– How to troubleshoot streaming issues
– How to troubleshoot issues with Inter Process Communication and the console
– Citrix troubleshooting tools

Webinar Details
Thursday, 21st February 2013 @ 10am EST/4pm CET

Looking forward to seeing many of you online.

David McGeough

Citrix Auto Support Marketing Manager