Looking at your 2013 calendar and new budget, do you know how you will successfully manage application migration with a limited amount of time and money? Did your budget allocation fall short of your original request? Stumped how to achieve your XP migration or virtualization project with the time and staff currently listed on your spreadsheet? Take a cue from enterprises that have chosen to automate application compatibility testing, remediation and management and found huge savings in both budget and staff hours.

Let Citrix AppDNA application migration software automate the time-consuming work around application testing, remediation and preparation. Then you can use your staff wisely on the strategic aspects of the project instead of repetitive tasks. With automated application management, you have the potential to bring your project in ahead of schedule and with money to spare.

2013 Goal: Complete Application Compatibility and Preparation for XP Migration

Last week I heard of a Fortune 50 enterprise who felt they didn’t plan enough 2013 budget around application testing for XP migration and now need to try to move forward with budget constraints. Last month I learned of a Fortune 100 firm who chose manual application testing for XP migration—and spent $1 million more than planned. Planning budget for application compatibility is tough for even the big guys, but if you use the right tools, you can solve the problem. Whether you feel confident in your budget planning or you’re not sure, it’s actually quite possible to measure the accuracy of your 2013 application management budget estimates.

You can easily and accurately scope application migration budget needs with the no-charge AppDNA application migration trial. Without spending any money, use the AppDNA application migration trial to test an unlimited amount of applications, see the current overall application compatibility, then model the time and budget aspects with the AppDNA Effort Calculator (see AppDNA Effort Calculator video here). Because AppDNA analyzes your application issues and your OS configurations, the calculations are based on your true environment, not a generic estimate. For no cost, scope your current application compatibility status and truly see an accurate view of the time and cost involved in a physical or virtual migration.

Accurately estimate application compatiblity costs with AppDNA software

2013 Goal: Combine Windows Migration and Virtualization Application Compatibility

While you may be thinking about the amount of work on your plate for XP migration, it’s actually possible to also focus on virtualization. Since AppDNA actually tests across technologies at the same time, you can scope a virtualization project at the same time as your XP migration. In some cases, the best option for delivering an application to end users may be via a virtual desktop.

With the same AppDNA free trial, you can scope virtualization readiness as well as Windows 7 or Windows 8 readiness. At the same time, test applications for physical or virtual delivery.

Take a pulse check on your application compatibility budget planning. Download the AppDNA software trial and start modeling your application testing, remediation and virtual app preparation.  See if your current budget meets – or exceeds—what you actually need for application compatibility.