In VDI-in-a-Box environment, a Desktop Agent is required to be installed on each golden image. When a virtual desktop is provisioned from the gold image, vdiManager manages the lifecycle of the desktop by communicating with the Desktop Agent on it. Since VDI-in-a-Box release 5.1, Desktop Agents are automatically installed as part of the image creation process. In the latest 5.2 release, we are also streamlining the update process of Desktop Agents. It now takes only a couple of mouse clicks. This allows you as the admin to quickly bring your existing golden images up to date.

After migrating all the vdiManagers in the grid to version 5.2, logon to one server’s vdiManager Admin Console and select the Images tab, you will see a yellow triangle status for each image with out-of-date Desktop Agent:

Click on the yellow triangle sign and you will see this dialog:

Simply check the “Automatically update and save image without test” checkbox and click Confirm. The Desktop Agent on this image will then be updated with no further action required. Behind the scene, the vdiManager will walk through the Image Edit process and do all the “clicks” for you. You can always click on the image to open Activity dialog and monitor the progress:

If you want to test the image before saving, leave the checkbox “Automatically update and save image without test” unchecked and you will have a chance to walk through the Image Edit wizard yourself – it’s the same Edit Image wizard used for image creation or update, and you will have a chance to test out the image.

I hope you find this feature useful. To find out more about Desktop Agent auto-update and the migration process in general, go to this edoc. I would also encourage you to check out the other new features in VDI-in-a-Box 5.2.