What’s ahead in 2013 for public sector IT?  For most managers, the familiar tune of “doing even more with less” rang in the new year.  Undaunted and true to their mission, government IT processionals are looking to innovation to give them the edge they need to meet both the needs of constituents as well as public sector employees.

With this as a backdrop, cloud computing will be on the front burner, and we can expect to see substantial adoption and momentum in the year ahead as comfort levels rise and security is addressed.  Citrix is steadfastly committed and uniquely positioned to help our public sector customers rapidly and securely seize the power of cloud services in the year ahead.  Whether focusing on desktop virtualization, cloud networks, unified store front, or a myriad of other cloud initiatives, our solutions are helping public sector organizations – in the Federal as well as state and local sectors – to apply the power of the cloud to increase IT productivity without compromising security.

Enabling mobile work styles and all that they entail – mobile devices, BYOD, and telework – will also be a top public sector IT priority as the Federal government along with state and local governments look to optimize workforce productivity of often leaner staffs and seek to preserve talent.  We predict that this will be the year that mobile in public sector will move beyond the buzz.  As such, agencies will be focused on developing cohesive and executable plans and achieving demonstrable milestones in the year ahead.

The Federal BYOD toolkit provides a cohesive roadmap and we’ve seen some impressive pilots.  Last year, for example, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission dealt with a 15 percent budget cut in its IT spending base by implementing a BYOD pilot program.  The agency reduced costs by allowing employees the option to substitute personal devices for agency-owned ones – and has benefited greatly as a result.

In addition, as agencies explore strategies for managing mobile device programs, they are realizing that an enterprise mobility management strategy will be critical.  It will be important to focus on protecting the underlying government applications and confidential data regardless of device ownership, while enabling access to existing web- and Windows-based applications from any device.  Citrix is at the forefront of this approach, applying our experience as well as solutions, which include our CloudGateway solution and Me@Work mobile app family.  Our recent acquisition of Zenprise will further expand our mobile capabilities in the year ahead.

We also expect breakthroughs in the world of telework as we see agencies more aggressively champion this Federally-mandated program, and move beyond manager apprehension and doubt as well as the cultural barriers to change highlighted in the Office of Personnel Management’s 2012 Status of Telework in the Federal Government Report to Congress report.  State and local agencies are likely to accelerate their efforts, as well.  You’ll be hearing more from us on the important issue of telework in the months ahead.

Citrix delivers the solutions and expertise required to help our public sector clients make the most of their resources and technology to deliver on their mission.  We have the knowledge, experience, and seasoned staff that know what it takes to modernize today’s IT infrastructures.  To best position us to serve you in the year ahead, we’ve made some changes to our public sector team. We’re pleased to announce that:

  • David Smith is now serving as director for the state and local government sector.  Formerly the lead for the Department of Defense sector (for Citrix), David will apply his long-time experience with the company to build partnerships in the state and local leadership role
  • Mark Neustadt is the new sales director for the Department of Defense sector.  As a veteran and former business development manager for the defense sector (at Citrix), Neustadt has the process knowledge, experience, and market initiative awareness to lead this enterprise field team

We know the role of the public sector IT professional is not an easy one – there is constantly so much to be done and with extremely limited resources.  With that said, we are looking forward to working with our public sector partners to help harness the full potential of emerging mobile and cloud technologies and ultimately improve the delivery of services to constituents and do so securely and cost effectively.

Tom Simmons, Area Vice President of Public Sector for Citrix Systems is available at tom.simmons@citrix.com.