Citrix Access Gateway 10.x now supports different UIThemes that can be applied for browser logons.
We have the default caxton style legacy theme that has Black/Blue background. Apart from the default we GreenBubble’s theme (also known as Receiver Theme) and Custome UI theme.

The GreenBubble’s theme falls in line with the Receiver’s product line UI while admins can also specify the custom themes by downloading/importing the UI components/files onto the AccessGateway box and referencing the same while logon process. To change the UI theme from Default caxton syle to GreenBubble follow the below steps:

  • Access the AccessGateway admin portal from a browser and login as Admin.
  • Now access the AccessGateway node from the left pane on the browser.
  • Access the “GlobalSettings–>Change Global Settings” option.
  • Now navigate to ClientExperience tab and Select “Green Bubble” for the UITheme parameter.
  • Select “Ok” and “Close” on the Window prompt followed by “Save” from the top right corner of the admin portal.

This would setup the GreenBubble’s theme for user logons to AccessGateway from browsers.

The Latest AccessGateway release also has support for chromebook users to access the Windows & SaaS apps remotely. Admins can set this up by using an NS knob from console. The nsapimgr knob to be setup is [/netscaler/nsapimgr -ys “allow_framing_chromebook=1”]. This knob is required to load the AccessGateway logon portal from “Receiver for Chromebook”. Admins can add this knob in the file in order to retain changes after every AccessGateway appliance reboot.

Note that at present the UITheme is applicable with Global parameters only. Another point to be noted here is that users need to clear the old cache so as to load the new Logon UI components properly (after every change of the UITheme settings).


Himanshu Parihar