Following on from our December 2012 Tech Support webinar which covered Reduce your time to resolution with Citrix Auto Support, there was a series of questions asked during the session that we didn’t get to answer.  See the questions and answers below. BTW if you missed the webinar and would like to watch it on-demand, you can find it here.

Q. Does the Analysis from Auto Support include applciation related issues with Citrix?

Auto Support targets overall XenApp issues rather than issues specific to individual applications.  However, for the more common product suites (e.g. MSOffice) if there are known issues we can detect, there is no reason why we would not write a plugin to highlight these.

Q. What versions of each product are supported?

  • XenDesktop 5.x
  • XenServer 5.6 and later
  • XenApp 6.x
  • NetScaler 9.2 and later.

Q. Is there plans to add other aditional solutions, ex. Provisioning Services?

Auto Support has been built on what customers have let us know they required.  The future development is being planned the same way.  If you have products you wish us to cover, please use the feedback link ( & let us know.  The more feedback on a particular item, the higher priority it will receive.

Q. Any plans to make a knowledge base article based on collected data?  Something like “top ten issues found by auto support for the month-year”?

Great suggestion, we are looking into a few ideas on how to highlight the top issues in Auto Support. We’ll keep people posted on this as we progress.

Q. when is the timeline for XA6.5 ?

XA6.5 is already available on Auto Support

Q. To verify, this is free for XD/XA/NS/XS as a self service. Is there a limit to the usage?

For individual use, the only limit is 20Gb storage in your account online.  However, if you reach this, simply delete some data you have online, and your service will continue to work.  For uploads associated with Service Requests, there is no storage limit, but there is a current max upload size limit of 60Gb in a single upload.

Q. Can you collect web Interface info and best practices etc in this version or is it upcoming feature?

This will be coming in a future release.

Q. Are you also adding plugins for StoreFront?

This will be coming in a future release.

Q. Can you change the default TEMP directory where collections are saved on the local server with Citrix Scout?

Yes, look under the “collection  settings” menu for this option

Q. Is the version of CDF trace a complete one? Does it have all the providers? I heard in the beginning the CDF trace did not have all the providers listed?

Yes, it is a full trace, using all providers / modules by default


The January 2013 webinar will cover: Cloud Gateway 2.5 Technical Overview and Troubleshooting

CloudGateway is an enterprise mobility management solution that securely delivers mobile, web and Windows apps and data.  This webinar will cover an overview of the features in CloudGateway 2.5, different options for deploying CloudGateway and troubleshooting. Join this webinar to learn about CloudGateway.

What you will learn:
– What is CloudGateway
– What’s new on CloudGateway 2.5
– Deployment scenarios
– Troubleshooting

Webinar Details
Thursday, 24th January 2013 @ 10am EST/4pm CET

Looking forward to seeing many of you online.

David McGeough

Citrix Auto Support Marketing Manager