Happy New Year everyone… I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is having a fantastic start to 2013!

Last November, Citrix released the Excalibur tech preview… Since then, thousands of you have downloaded and have been providing us with very insightful and useful feedback on the Excalibur tech preview forum – we really appreciate everyone’s feedback/comments!

At the same time, I continue to receive two common questions about Excalibur…1) When is Excalibur tech preview available, and 2) What are the new features/capabilities in the tech preview?
To help, I’m publishing this blog as a “one-stop shop” to not only the tech preview download (to join the thousands who are already evaluating Excalibur), but read/learn about how new features available in the tech preview will help you simplify management, troubleshoot, image manage and deliver apps (XenApp) and desktops (XenDesktop) from a single architecture and deployment!

So, here are the Excalibur tech preview blogs:

As we move forward in 2013… we’re planning for additional content/know-how to help you get ready for Excalibur. So, stay tuned!