Access Gateway is a secure remote access product and hence tends to be the entry point for corporate users, wanting to access their enterprise applications and desktops. Given this, it makes sense for corporates, to try and customize the logon experience on Access Gateway, to match their corporate look and feel.

Access Gateway has always allowed for this customization, though, it’s been somewhat of a tedious process. With the new release, we are making an attempt to simplify this experience.

UI Customization on Access Gateway is a multi-step process:

  1. Access the built in theme web pages and customize them, to match the corporate requirements
  2. Apply the modified theme (collection of web pages) at the right location
  3. Modify certain scripts to make this change persistent
  4. Every time the firmware has to be upgraded, take a backup of the customized pages and scripts and re-apply the same after the upgrade.

A quick Google search will give you a number of helpful and very accurate blogs/articles, on how to tweak the web pages to customize and create your corporate look and feel. Some of my favorites are:

With this new release, we have automated all the other steps (i.e. 2-4) for you. Instead of having to worry about how to apply this theme, or having to take backups every time you upgrade, the new release will automatically handle this for you.

To see the new offering in this release, simply go to Access Gateway –> Global Settings –> Change Global Settings –>Client Experience

UI Theme configuration screenshot

As can be seen in the screenshot above, the UI Theme dropdown essentially gives three options:

  • Default – Apply the Citrix Default Theme
  • Green Bubble – Apply the Citrix Receiver Green Bubble Theme
  • Custom – This is the interesting one. Like I mentioned earlier, once you have created your customized theme, you can copy it at /var/ns_gui_custom/ folder. Next set the UI Theme to Custom above, and you are done.

So you see how simple the whole process has become.

Note that the UI Theme is applied at a Global level, and hence is applicable on all vServers you host on the appliance. Future releases of Access Gateway intend to make this available at individual vServer level.

More details on applying Citrix Receiver Green Bubble Theme can be found here.

More details on applying Custom themes can be found here.

To know more about the release, click here.