With Citrix progressing fast on mobility front and Google Nexus series of devices creating some buzz I thought it was right time to discuss various options, functionality and flexibility Citrix Receiver for Android gives.

Many of you might be surprised to know the amount of flexibility Citrix Receiver for Android provides for creating user account a.k.a user profile.

Account creation option 1

Server URL/addressThe standard way of doing it is to provide server address.User account can be created by providing server address of following, depending on the server setups in your organization:

  • Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition
  • Citrix Web-Interface
  • Citrix Store-Front         (Part of Cloudgateway offering)
  • Citrix Appcontroller    (Part of Cloudgateway offering)

Supported Configurations for above :

  • With CloudGateway setup, Access Gateway should be paired with StoreFront server in CVPN mode and Account services address should be configured as directed here.
  • With legacy system having Web-interface server, access-gateway should be in ICAProxy mode with WI address configured.
  • No special configuration is required if  you are hitting the StoreFront or Web-interface address directly. Receiver auto-detection will find out the type of server and proceed as required from there on.
  • For web-interface servers, in case there are non-default sites you want to connect to , you need to provide full URL for the site. For example if you need to connect to following site <server>/citrix/pnagent_hr , then provide address field as shown below
  • Secure Gateways are at end-of-life but we expect v3.x of Secure gateways should work, though these are no more tested by Citrix.

Account creation option 2

Provisioning fileUser account can also be created by importing Store Provisioning file.  Admin may provide the store provisioning file as attachment in an email or publish it using a link on a webpage, which can be downloaded and get automatically imported into Citrix Receiver already installed on your Android device. This file normally has .cr as file extension.

Importing the cr file will bring you to the credential seeking page. Provide credentials here and complete account creation process.

Note :  Some Android device manufacturers do not support unknown file types, like .cr in this case. Hence the only work-around possible there is that this .cr file is renamed by admins as .xml, which is universal & generic file type. ‘xml’ extension should always work on all devices, irrespective of the manufacturer.

This is pure Cloudgateway coupled offering. Store provisioning file is the mechanism supported by Storefront only, which is part of the cloudgateway bundle. How to use this can be found here.

Account creation option 3

Email discoveryThe simplest of all, user account can also be created by providing user email. Just providing corporate email in address field, with below documented configurations on server, can get account created for you.  Please have a look at the configuration documentation here for enabling email based account creation.

Account creation option 4

Manual optionThis option in top right drop-down menu is labelled as ‘Manual Setup’. Its typically designed for users who know the Citrix server setup and exactly know what type of account needs to be created. This gives full flexibility in case where there are multiple types of citrix account possible and one wants to choose what he or she wants.

Here one can choose as to what type of account is to be created , from the drop down against ‘Type‘ field.

Manual way of adding account