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Following on from our November 2012 Tech Support webinar which covered How to isolate and resolve issues in your XenApp & XenDesktop environment more rapidly, there was a series of questions asked during the session that we didn’t get to answer.  See the questions and answers below.

BTW if you missed the webinar and would like to watch it on-demand, you can find it here.

Q. What are the most common flags that you see causing issues? This was in relation to the Seamless Settings Configuration tool.

The most common issues that I have seen reported relating to the Seamless flags relate to active accessibility hooking. The Citrix seamless Active Accessibility interfaces with the Microsoft Active Accessibility interface and monitors the system for window changes that need to be remoted to the client. We usually see an issue with legacy applications that are published operating slowly, disabling the active accessibility flag improves the performance of the application.

Q. Shall we use Citrix Quick Launch to troubleshoot all issues or does it have limitations?

The Citrix Quick Launch tool can be primarily used for all connection types issues. It can test the basics like XML enumeration and ICA connectivity per XenApp Server. When trouble shooting application launch issues we have the ability to toggle various client side settings within the tool that can be useful when try diagnose a connection issue. Citrix has many different tools for trouble shooting all sorts of Citrix issue, the tools can be found at the below page:


Q. Is there a best way to troubleshoot focus issues? Meaning the user has to select the login window of an application after it is launched before typing credentials?

Focus issue can be difficult to troubleshoot because as we rely on Windows systems to provide functionality with our Seamless Feature. When seamless application are launch windows treats them as background process which sometime causes issues as Windows tries to restrict these process/windows from stealing focus. The best tools to troubleshoot these issues are WindowHistory & Message History.

Q. Having an issue at the moment where some users get an access denied message after they login a published application and I have pin-pointed that those users are in more than 90 groups.  When I remove some groups all works fine for those users.  Any suggestions? The access denied issue only appears in our w2k8r2 xa65 site, same user has no issues in our w2k3 xa45 site.

Without doing any initial troubleshooting, I believe this relates to MaxTokenSize. If that fails we would need to do some further debugging.

“New resolution for problems with Kerberos authentication when users belong to many groups:”  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/327825

Q. What should be the minimum client side bandwidth to launch Citrix application from WAN?

This is the hardest question to answer, we often hear this question working in Technical support. The reason why this question is difficult to answer is because each customer environment and applications differs radically. For example one customer may be using 3D drawing application and the other a terminal emulator program. The 3D drawing application may consume a large portion of Bandwidth whereas the terminal emulator may only use a fraction of that. Stating a minimum requirement for bandwidth over the WAN will give the wrong impressions to customers. Its recommended that customer should use something like Citrix Edge sight for load testing in conjunction with Wan Emulator (WANEM) to properly spec out bandwidth requirements for WAN sites.


The January 2013 webinar will cover: Cloud Gateway 2.5 Technical Overview and Troubleshooting

CloudGateway is an enterprise mobility management solution that securely delivers mobile, web and Windows apps and data.  This webinar will cover an overview of the features in CloudGateway 2.5, different options for deploying CloudGateway and troubleshooting. Join this webinar to learn about CloudGateway.

What you will learn:
– What is CloudGateway
– What’s new on CloudGateway 2.5
– Deployment scenarios
– Troubleshooting

Webinar Details
Thursday, 24th January 2013 @ 10am EST/4pm CET

Looking forward to seeing many of you online.

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Citrix Auto Support Marketing Manager