Citrix recently released XenClient Enterprise 4.5.  My colleagues have blogged about the great business benefits and numerous technology advantages associated with the 4.5 release.  In this blog, I’ll provide some additional technical depth on one of the key enhancements of this release – XenClient’s new display architecture. Below is a quick video that takes you through some of the terrific new features enabled by the new display architecture.

Here is a summary of the features enabled by this new display architecture as described in the video:

In summary, XenClient’s new display architecture continues to bring XenClient closer to the native Windows experience.  Key benefits include:

Support for two monitors in a docking station:  Users that prefer to connect external monitors using docking stations can now connect to two external monitors. Furthermore, changes made to display settings of these monitors are captured by XenClient Engine. So if a user undocks and docks the laptop, the display comes to the state it was in prior to undocking. The video demonstrates this feature.

New ‘Display’ control panel:  With this new architecture, XenClient introduces a display control panel. Users can now configure display settings from the Engine’s user interface.


This display control panel allows users to

  1. Select primary and secondary monitors
  2. Change resolutions
  3. Change display orientation
  4. Change display modes: Mirrored or Extended

User’s can get to the display controls either by going to Device tab in the Engine’s Control Panel or by right clicking the XenClient Icon in the system tray inside the virtual machine and selecting Displays.

A few other goodies:  A change in resolution made inside a virtual machine automatically adjusts itself to native aspect ratio to prevent the screen from looking stretched. Also, users can now use the windows + p shortcut inside the virtual machine to change the display settings just as it can be done in native windows.

We invite you to try XenClient Enterprise 4.5 to experience the cool new features of XenClient and to join the conversation by connecting with the Citrix XenClient team online!