Citrix announced XenClient 4.5 at Synergy Barcelona on Oct. 17, 2012 and the software was released on December 28th. XenClient is a production-ready client virtualization solution with thousands of desktops in deployment today. Watch the XenClient 4.5 announcement video to learn more about this release and read the technical announcement blog for more technical insight.  Try XenClient 4.5 today!

XenClient is growing FAST & delivering business value for YOU

Many Citrix customers are enjoying the benefits of XenClient and their reasons for choosing the technology become more diverse and compelling every day. You can watch and read what our customers have to say on our XenClient customer success page. XenClient continues to grow and here are just a few ways this local virtual desktop solution is delivering business value to our customers:

  • Residential Finance Corporation, a financial services firm, increased user satisfaction, decreased support calls by 80 percent and achieved immediate ROI by avoiding a costly datacenter upgrade with Citrix XenClient.
  • The implementation of XenClient enabled the Town of Lincoln, MA to reduce PC support issues by 90% through its one-to-many management features.
  • The centralized management system and self-recovery capabilities of XenClient have helped IVG Hospitals reduce its PC support and administration needs by 75 percent.
  • “By using XenClient, we can centralize the management of PCs remotely instead of traveling to each site to deploy, update or patch. This has greatly reduced our costs and increased the productivity of our IT staff.” – Kraig Stewardson, IT Desktop Manager, Life Time Fitness
  • “With XenClient, we realized savings of approximately ten percent of our budget. These savings also cover the cost of the desktop virtualization project, so we realized immediate ROI.” – Jan van der Kolk, IT Manager, Afval Energie Bedrijf

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What is new in this release?

Citrix XenClient 4.5 introduces a next generation global desktop, provides expanded use cases for the technology and delivers improved performance.

Next Generation Global Desktop

  • Say yes to the coolest new devices as XenClient now supports multiple Ultrabooks including support for the latest 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor systems
  • Basic level of support for Microsoft Windows 8
  • Global desktop expansion with client support in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese and management support in English, German and Simplified Chinese.

 Expanded Use Cases

  • New enterprise network policies are now available with VLAN tagging so administrators can extend the notion of virtual machine isolation by tagging and routing network traffic to specific virtual machines. One customer is using this today to meet PCI requirements and process credit card transactions in one VM while leaving other VMs available for other business uses – all on a single device.
  • External network synchronization via NetScaler allows users external to the corporate network to securely access the Synchronizer for XenClient from remote locations. This makes it even easier to deploy, update and backup XenClient devices in a highly secure fashion.

Increased Performance

  • 30% improvement in hypervisor boot time allows users to quickly get to their Windows desktop and reduce their time to productivity.
  • Dual external monitors in a docking station support allows users to take full advantage of these peripherals and be more productive.
  • New display architecture for better monitor management. The new display control panel window allows users to configure individual monitor screen locations and resolutions platform-wide (in the virtual machines and in the hypervisor user interface).

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