The Citrix Channel continues to serve as a model for the IT industry. One reason for our strong leadership is an ongoing focus on understanding and meeting partner needs—even as technologies, markets, business conditions and end customer demands change.

Today, the Citrix Channel team encourages partners to sell solutions, rather than individual products, to solve customers’ high-level business and IT challenges around mobile workstyles and cloud services. However, effectively selling solutions requires new skills, tools and strategies. That’s why Citrix offers partners a wide choice of resources – from training to marketing materials to promotions – which enable them to start a conversation with customers and prospects, uncover new opportunities and deliver targeted solutions.

Some of the newest tools are the Citrix Academy, an intensive series of “boot camps” for technical staff; the Project Accelerator for building project plans; and Auto Support for real-time analysis of a customer’s system.

Thintech capitalizes on diversity of partner resources

To show the success that can be achieved by using our full portfolio of resources, let’s look at a channel partner based in the United Kingdom.

Thintech Ltd. is an IT consultancy specializing in desktop and server virtualization. The creative use of multiple Citrix partner resources helped the company drive a three-fold increase in revenues over two years and achieve Gold Solution Advisor status in the summer of 2012. Here’s how they did it:

  • Sparked customer interest at Synergy – Thintech attended Citrix Synergy for the first time in 2011, in Barcelona, and decided to share this learning opportunity with a key client who is a global distributor of medical, dental and veterinary supplies. The Citrix vision presented at Synergy increased the client’s understanding of the potential of virtualization solutions. After attending Synergy, this customer continued its rollout of the Citrix XenDesktop product set, embracing technologies such as Citrix XenClient.  In 2012, Thintech and the same client again participated in Synergy Barcelona and became interested in ShareFile Enterprise. To further educate the customer, Thintech organized a webinar on ShareFile Enterprise, leveraging Citrix resources in the United States.
  • Enhanced staff skills with Elite Sales Training – Thintech has wholly committed to the Citrix Elite Sales Training program and, to date, has put three members of staff through the initial phase. This training fully supports the Citrix vision by explaining how to become trusted advisors by engaging with business leaders at a strategic level. The training really makes participants think about how to approach a business at all levels to gain internal sponsorship and trust. Thintech has other staff waiting to attend and recommends this training to all Citrix partners.

Thinteach is just one of the many Citrix partners who benefit from the robust resources and programs provided by the Citrix Channel team. If you are interested in joining the Citrix Partner Network, please apply to become a partner and grow your business with us.