What a year for CloudPortal Services Manager! From large telecommunications providers to Citrix Service Providers offering white label cloud services, CloudPortal Services Manager has delivered on the promise of secure multi-tenant provisioning of hosted applications and desktops. One of the things that makes CPSM so powerful is the ability to extend its capabilities with third party specialists.

A great example of this is Interworks Cloud BSS for billing and CRM (formerly known as Cloud 360). After our November webinar, we saw a huge response from CSPs looking to take advantage of Interworks’ integration with CPSM to accelerate business growth. At the same time, we have heard from a number of CSPs looking for help to install and set up CPSM to realize the quickest time to value.

So, after collaborating with Interworks and Nimateks Consulting, I am pleased to announce the Business Support System Starter Pack for Citrx CSPs . This exclusive bundled services package for CSPs is offered globally. It includes installation of CloudPortal Services Manager and Interworks Cloud BSS platform in less than a week for one low flat rate. After the installation, low recurring usage fees for Interworks Cloud Platform and Citrix CloudPoratal Services Manager are all that remain, allowing CSP to match costs with revenues.   The pack also includes business consulting services to be sure that your service offers are in line with industry best practices that help you meet your business goals. After you have ordered CPSM through your normal distributor, this pack provides the perfect way to jumpstart your business with rapid green field installation for onboarding new customers. (migration services are also offered at additional charge).

Get started today to accelerate your business success and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2013.


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