Citrix understands and acknowledges that some customers are experiencing intermittent Windows issues with XenTools in the XenServer 6.1 release. We understand this is frustrating for customers and we have been working hard to analyze, understand and resolve these issues.

We are in the final stages of preparing a Hotfix for all XenServer 6.1 installations. This addresses the following known issues:

  • Add PVS support in XS 6.1
  • Resolve intermittent grey screen on Windows Server 2003
  • Resolve intermittent blue screen on VM migration
  • Resolve intermittent blue screen after attempting VM shutdown
  • Reinstate support for VSS shadow copy services

This hotfix has required a period of extensive testing to ensure that all known issues have been addressed, which has resulted in its release date being set for early January 2013.

If you are experiencing critical problems today with the tools shipped with 6.1 and you have a XenServer support contract, please raise a case with Citrix Technical Support. This will help the process of analysis and resolution for affected customers.

Further information on exact circumstances when these issues are seen and workarounds can be found here.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers. We take quality very seriously in the XenServer team and understand some customers may have had their confidence in XenServer affected by these issues. We are addressing our processes to prevent any recurrence and ensure issues are raised earlier in the development process.