In a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) world you need to control apps and data, not devices—and that means you need to go beyond MDM. Organizations are rapidly adopting a better approach that shifts the focus from managing devices themselves to managing their content—apps and data.

Check out the brand new MDM kits on Citrix Marketing Concierge and show your customers how to go beyond MDM to manage the explosion of devices, apps and data impacting their organization AND, how they can secure enterprise information regardless of the devices their users choose.

On Citrix Marketing Concierge search MDM and you’ll be able to choose and customize:

  • The Business kit: Go Beyond MDM for Enterprise Mobility (Strategic IT – White Papers)
  • The Technical kit: Go Beyond Mobile Device Management to Support BYOD (Functional IT – White Papers)

Both kits presented above include: 2 email copy blocks, an email template, a landing page, an analyst white paper (TechTarget), a Citrix white paper, a customer presentation, a selling and positioning training deck and a sales reference card.

Share it with your customers today!

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