Join us for a Solution Webinar this Wednesday, December 19 at 2PM ET/11:00AM PT.

Hurricanes are just one of many disruptions that can have an impact on your business, and this past hurricane season reminds us all how damaging they can be. To prepare for a hurricane and ensure business continuity under any circumstance, you need a well thought-out, continually updated and tested plan. While most business continuity plans focus on keeping the datacenter up and running, it’s just as important to ensure workforce continuity.

Join this webinar to find out how to prepare your business for hurricane season and how to implement a comprehensive business continuity plan that includes both the datacenter itself and the business that depends on it.

You’ll receive a free template you can use for hurricane planning and learn how to:

• Take a comprehensive approach to Business Continuity planning, management and testing
• Leverage virtualization technologies and cloud-based applications to ensure continuity of operations
• Prepare for hurricanes and handle both expected and unexpected business disruptions

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