You will be pleased to find that Citrix’s Profile Management has been integrated into the Excalibur Technology Preview – including installation, configuration and management. This includes the ability to configure Citrix’s Profile Management (and even Microsoft’s Folder Redirection) all within Studio and using the Citrix Policy Engine.

First off you will notice an integrated install.   When installing the VDA, the Profile Management service will be installed as well.  It will sit idle if not enabled (for cases where you are using a third party profile solution), but it will now be there ready for use without the need for additional or separate installation.  Even though you may not need it for managing your profiles, it will still offer abilities you certainly will find useful.  For example in Director you will now find the ability to reset user profiles from within that console.  This includes resets for both Microsoft roaming profiles and Citrix profiles.

As for configuration, we now offer a third option.  In addition to using INI or AD Group Policies, you now have a new option via the Citrix Policy Engine.  For customers that do not have delegated AD or choose not to manage GPOs in AD, you may use the Citrix Policy Engine to configure and manage Citrix’s Profile Management.  This allows you to completely manage Profile Management from within Studio and not have to touch AD at all.

Another new capability being introduces for Citrix Profile Management is the ability to provide mandatory profiles.  Similar to Microsoft Mandatory profiles, these profiles may be shared amongst users and any changes will not be saved but discarded at logoff.  And of course this is all configured in Studio and assigned to your Delivery Groups as needed.