In order to use the IBM ServeRAID C105 SAS/SATA controller with XenServer, the user must first make a few changes to the pre-boot System Configuration and Boot Management settings.

As a precautionary step, it may be best to clear the current storage configuration data.

Clearing the Storage Controller Configuration

  1. Power on the system and wait until the boot splash screen is displayed, hit “F1″ for Setup
  2. Enter the System Settings, then Storage, and select “ServeRAID C105”
  3. Select Controller Management, and “Clear Configuration”
  4. Select “Yes” and “OK” to complete the operation

Updating the System Configuration

  1. If you have not already done so, power on the system and enter Setup by pressing “F1″ at the boot splash screen
  2. Enter “Virtual Drive Management” from System Settings > Storage > ServeRAID C105
  3. Select “Create Configuration” and set the following options:
    • Select RAID level: <RAID0>
    • Select Drives From: <Unconfigured Capacity>
  4. Enter “Select Drives”
    • Enable only “Drive Target ID: 0”
    • Select “Apply Changes” and “OK”
  5. Select “Save Configuration”, “Yes”, and “OK”

Setting the Boot Order

Configure the boot order for “Legacy Only” and “Hard Disk 0”.  For more information about setting these options, please see Installing XenServer on IBM uEFI Systems.

For information regarding which versions of XenServer are supported with the IBM ServeRAID C105, please refer to its HCL listing.