In the first part of a 6-part series on the benefits of Citrix XenClient — the local VM option of XenDesktop and its FlexCast delivery technology — we discussed how Citrix XenClient could be used for Laptop Virtualization. In this part, we will examine how XenClient can be used to manage PCs. XenClient is a production ready client virtualization solution with thousands of desktops in deployment today.

Today, IT organizations rely on multiple products to manage the entire PC lifecycle from beginning to end of life. With this approach, IT administrators utilize several different software products to manage, patch, update, backup, recover, secure, and migrate PCs. In addition, there are different IT processes and support teams built around these products. This management complexity leads to headaches for IT, which often has numerous images to manage, failed patches that cannot be easily rolled back, and malware infections that propagate from one corporate PC to another. A clear example of this was demonstrated by a recent study which found that nearly 32% of all PCs worldwide are infected by malware!

Citrix XenClient gives enterprises a better way to manage their PCs since it provides centralized management, enhanced reliability, and high security of PCs through a Type-1 hypervisor which runs outside the operating system. XenClient gives IT admins the ability to easily manage thousands of PCs as easily as one by allowing them to deploy a single golden image to thousands of PCs, regardless of hardware or vendor type. Fail-safe patching lets IT instantly roll back any changes. Moreover, images infected by malware are isolated to prevent propagation of the malware to other PCs.

XenClient enhances PC reliability while freeing up IT and providing for a better user experience by automatically backing up user desktops in the background with little disruption to the user and allowing users to rapidly recover their desktops without desk-side visits from IT. This results in fast and easy PC migrations that get users instantly productive since IT admins can easily provision users to new PCs with centralized images and backups. Recovery from malware infections also turns into a fast, simple operation that lets users become productive in a matter of hours or even minutes!

Lastly, XenClient completely isolates and protects corporate data with its Type-1 hypervisor which runs key security features outside of the operating system by design. XenClient comes with security features such as AES-NI 256-bit full disk encryption, time-based lockout, and remote kill in addition to granular policy management that can selectively filter USB devices.

By simplifying the management of PCs, XenClient gives IT only a single golden image to maintain, fail-safe patches that can easily be rolled back, and easy recovery from malware infections that are isolated from other corporate PCs. IT now has the time to focus on delivering value for the business while users have a better experience and the business has a lower TCO for managing PCs. If you want to learn more about how XenClient can better manage PCs, give XenClient a try and see how it can dramatically increase the manageability, reliability, and security of your PCs! The next part of the XenClient Benefits Series will discuss how XenClient can be used to minimize WAN traffic for Branch and Distributed Offices.

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