View the Citrix / Bitdefender Webinar.

Join Richard Khan, Senior Solutions Engineer from Citrix and Shaun Donaldson from Bitdefender to learn about Citrix VDI-in-a-Box and endpoint security using Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE). Watch the Webinar On-Demand:  or coming soon on YouTube at

VDI-in-a-Box provides businesses with greater agility with its support of any mobile device, while enjoying all the financial benefits and scalability of virtualization technology. But what about endpoint security? While traditional security is an option, traditional solutions, over time, will hamper the performance and financial benefits of VDI-in-a-Box. When investing in virtualization, businesses should consider solutions specifically built for this environment.

Bitdefender SVE is the first security solution verified as Citrix Ready for VDI-in-a-Box. Traditional endpoint security duplicates resources in each virtualized instance. This leads to performance bottlenecks, especially when updating or performing scheduled scans. While VDI-in-a-Box provides Citrix expertise for simple, flexible, and scalable desktop virtualization, Bitdefender eliminates the performance bottlenecks of traditional security using innovative, virtualization-specific, technology that is unique to Bitdefender.

And be sure to download the complementary white paper, “The Impact of Virtualization Security on Your VDI Environment”.