This is the first installment of a 6-part series on the benefits of Citrix XenClient—the local VM option of XenDesktop and its FlexCast delivery technology. XenClient is a production ready client virtualization solution with thousands of desktops in deployment today. Our next installment in the series covers PC refresh or management and how XenClient can help.

You’ve all seen the headlines about high profile lost or stolen laptops. Perhaps the most famous was in 2006 when the names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of 26.5 million active duty troops and veterans were compromised when a laptop was stolen from a Veterans Affairs data analyst. The VA agreed to pay $20M for this loss.

Similar stories hit the news wires every year. We need to improve the way we manage and secure laptops. A study by the Ponemon Institute found that the majority of laptop users do not deploy the basic tools designed to keep laptops safe – hard disk encryption, data back-up, etc. In Ponemon’s study of 326 organizations,  46% of laptops contained confidential data but only 30% of those systems were encrypted and only 10% had any other anti-theft technologies. In addition, 71% of the laptops lost were not backed up.

There is a better way. With XenClient, you can extend desktop virtualization to offline laptops to gain all the benefits of centralized management, enhanced reliability, and high security. XenClient has AES-256 bit full-disk encryption, time-based lockout, and remote kill capabilities to protect sensitive corporate data even if a laptop is lost. It consistently backs up your data. Each time you connect to the Internet, you can synchronize user data and profile information to protect corporate data against loss or corruption. It makes those laptops much easier to manage. Achieve 100% success rates for patching and updating laptops regardless of whether they are on or off the corporate network. It even provides a recovery option while you are traveling. XenClient delivers high reliability with zero patch failures, complete data protection, and instant malware/corruption recovery to laptops users on the road.

XenClient is a great technology for your mobile laptop users.  It provides near native PC performance since your desktop runs locally on your PC. IT saves time and money by centrally managing your full PC fleet. The solution keeps your data secure by encrypting it and providing continuous synchronization.

Look for our next edition of the XenClient Benefits Series on PC Management! Thank you for reading and look forward to your comments. Don’t forget to download your free trial of XenClient today.

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