One of the advantages of using the Citrix Mobile Application SDK is that it gives you a degree of device independence, e.g.the same app can be accessed from either an iOS or Android device. While you can use the same app from many different device types, it will look the same on all devices. However it is quite simple to add skinning to WPF/.NET based apps that will change the appearance of your app to match the native look and feel of the client device the user is accessing the application from.

If this is of interest to you, you can check out the new skinning sample project we have uploaded to the Mobility Application SDK CodePlex site:

Simply browse to the Source Code tab to browse or download the sample code.

The sample works by factoring out some of the visual appearance of the application into resource libraries. Using the Mobile Application SDK the app detects the type of the client device and swaps between the different resource libraries to change the appearance of the app. The app also provides options to manually override the skin in use for demonstration purposes. Simply tap on the Android or iOS options on the first page to manually set the skin. It will change the skin as shown in the following screen shot:

For more information on how this works, you can also check out this video on skinning on Citrix TV: