embraneEmbrane is dedicated to bringing unprecedented levels of agility to the network. For years, enterprises and hosting/cloud service providers have been constrained by the rigidity, high expense and management complexity associated with networking hardware. The introduction of virtual appliances has only marginally improved things. While compute and storage technologies have evolved to support rapid provisioning, programmability and more efficient resource utilization through the use of virtualization, the network lags behind. Through its flagship product, heleos™, Embrane enables both traditional and software defined networks (SDN) to finally catch up to the rest of the data center infrastructure. Embrane’s heleos delivers programmable, elastic layer 3-7 network services that can be provisioned in seconds and scale non-disruptively on-demand – all from a single network services orchestration tool.

Embrane offers customers heleos-powered load balancers, firewalls, VPNs and SSL offload engines.  Each of these network services can leverage Citrix XenServer and through Embrane’s use of comprehensive REST APIs, can seamlessly integrate with existing data center infrastructure.

Product Name:          heleos

Version(s):     2.0.1, 2.0.2

Unique Feature(s):                         

  • Rapid provisioning – ability to stand up layer 3-7 network services in less than two minutes
  • Single network services orchestration tool – one management point for multiple network services
  • High scalability – scale out architecture enables aggregate throughput exceeding 1 Tbps
  • Non-disruptive elasticity – grow or shrink services in seconds
  • True multi-tenancy – dedicated instances of network services
  • Programmability – well-documented REST APIs to support easy integration and automation

Value Propostion: 

Embrane’s heleos is the industry’s first multi-service, distributed software platform for powering next-generation virtual appliances. Offering network services such as server load balancing, firewall, VPN termination and SSL offload, heleos was purpose-built for enterprises designing agile data centers and service providers offering cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions.  heleos delivers substantial levels of agility – rapid provisioning, non-disruptive elasticity, multi-tenancy at scale, and programmability – leading to significant capital and operational savings over integrated hardware-based systems and traditional virtual appliance offerings.

Technical Contact(s):         Juan Tellez, juan@embrane.com

Link(s) to documentation:  http://support.embrane.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/78/7/heleos-release-documentation

Link(s) to demonstration video:    http://www.embrane.com/products?source=home

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