I’d like to introduce a tool that I’ve been working on to complement the ‘XenDesktop Site Checker’. As part of the escalation team, I often come across issues with desktops that can be difficult to track down and diagnose in larger environments. In an effort to help identify and troubleshoot desktops that are having issues, I came up with ‘WorkerDiag’.

WorkerDiag was conceived as a way to provide quick and relevant details of desktops in a XenDesktop 5.x environment by using the PowerShell SDK and WMI to enumerate and display key data points for each desktop:

Desktops can be filtered based on desktop group, power state, registration status, and time since a desktop became unregistered. These results are color-coded and sortable, and can be exported to CSV for additional analysis. Right-clicking a desktop provides additional actions, such as the ability to power manage the VM, restart/start the desktop service, and open Computer Management for the selected machine.

WorkerDiag will be included in v1.8 of Site Checker, which should be available for download at CTX133767 early next week (I’ll update this post once it’s available). As always, any feedback is appreciated!