The new 310Mbps SDX appliance was created to meet customer needs in the 155Mbps to 500Mbps range, and can grow to a range of 500 Mbps to 1.0 Gbps through the Pay-to-Grow option. Customers rolling out XenDesktop projects with 600-700 simultaneous users now have the flexible capacity they need to grow at their own pace without worrying about over or under-capacity.  While competitors require expensive and complex upgrades, the BR310 provides the ultimate scalability through Pay-to-Grow, and maintains a pure upgrade path from the Repeater 8820 to the Repeater 310.   The platform is available and shipping- If you are a current 8820 customer looking for an upgrade- there is definitely a deal for you! Here are the Key specs for the solution:

  • Bandwidth- 310Mbps (1,2)
  • Maximum HDX session- 750 (3)
  • Total Sessions- 40,000
  • Acceleration Plug-ins CCus- 1100


Hardware Specs:
  • Processor- Dual Intel E5645
  • Total disk space- 3.oTB
  • SSD (dedicated compression history)- 1.8TB
  • Network Interface- 4 x 10GigE SX and 8 x 1GigE TX Bypass
Platform Mechanical, Environmental and Regulatory
Power supplies (N+1)


Input voltage and frequency ranges

100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz

Power Consumption 650 watts 2,200 BTU / Hr.

850 watts 2,900 BTU / Hr.

System weight

47 lbs (21.3 kg)

51 lbs (23.1 kg)


EIA 310-D, IEC 60297, DIN 41494 SC48D rack width with mounting brackets


25.4″ / 64.5 cm

Shipping dimensions and weight

37” x 24” by 11”, 59 lbs

94 x 61 x 28 cm, 26.8 kg

37” x 24” by 11”, 59 lbs

94 x 61 x 28 cm, 27.7 kg

Operating temperature

32 – 104 F / 0 – 40 C

Allowed relative humidity

5%-95%, non-condensing

Safety certifications


Electromagnetic emissions and safety certifications and susceptibility standards

FCC (Part 15 Class A), DoC,


Environmental compliance


[1] Reflects the total of in-bound and outbound WAN traffic.  Only outbound WAN traffic is counted against the licensed bandwidth (Mbps or Gbps purchased).  QoS and / or unaccelerated traffic does not count against the licensed bandwidth.  Unaccelerated and QoS traffic can, however, impact the total amount of outbound accelerated traffic.

[2] Some protocols (for example ICA) can reach the processing capacity of the appliance before the licensed bandwidth is reached.

[3] All HDX session scaling data are the maximum number of simultaneous sessions capable on the device for ICA protocol acceleration