What are you waiting for? With the Cisco ACE Migration Program (AMP), you can now trade up to Citrix NetScaler and receive a 20% savings!

Available to all global customers, this special program provides deep discounts for the next generation ADC solutions, as well as support by Citrix Consulting Services to help you with your custom NetScaler implementation. And, lets you exchange your Cisco ACE load balancer for a NetScaler ADC appliance. With this program, you can trade in any of these Cisco products: Cisco ACE appliances and modules, Cisco Content Service Switch (CSS), Cisco Content Switch Module (CSM), Cisco Global Site Selector (GSS).

Partners, available NOW in Citrix Marketing Concierge , is the campaign titled, “Cisco ACE Migration to Citrix NetScaler.”

This campaign will give you all of the information that you need to know in order to exchange, and help your customers exchange,  existing Cisco ACE load balancer for a Citrix NetScaler ADC appliance. In this campaign, you will find:

  • Migration Email, Landing Page, and Thank you page
  • Overview of the ACE Migration Program
  • ACE Migration Guide
  • Additional ACE Migration program details

Go to Citrix Marketing Concierge for this HOT new campaign now. Search Cisco ACE.

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