The onboard Lights-Out Management (LOM) card in the Service Delivery Controller (SDX) provides remote access to both the XenServer console as well as the console of the individual virtual NetScaler instances running on the system.
Screen shots and instructions follow…

1. From the “Remote Control” tab of the LOM interface, press the “Launch Console” button.
2. Select “Local Command Shell” from the XenServer console.
3. From the shell…

   xl list

(find the dom-id of the VPX instance you want to view)
   xl console <dom-id>

To exit the VPX console, Press
   ctrl+] or ctrl+5

( ctrl+5 if you’re using Putty)

Please know when XS reboots, the dom-id of any given VM can (and will likely) be reassigned — so if you’re doing the procedure after an appliance reboot, you will want to use the ‘xl list’ command again to make sure you’ll connect to the correct console.