In late September, Microsoft announced a change to their lifecycle support for the Windows Server 2008 operating system. This change added 18 months to the Windows Server 2008 mainstream support, moving its end of mainstream support date from Jul 9, 2013 to Jan 13, 2015. You can find more information about this lifecycle milestone change from the Microsoft lifecycle page.

As a result of this change to the Windows Server 2008, Citrix has also adjusted the end of life for XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008 by 18 months, to Jan 13, 2015. This change was made to XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008 because we understand many customers fully leverage the Microsoft platform during Microsoft’s Mainstream Support period. Hence, we want to make sure customers with XenApp 5 on Windows Server 2008 are also able to leverage their investment in XenApp 5 during the mainstream support period. The change was implemented mid October and our website was updated the following week, and this change does not affect lifecycle milestones of other XenApp versions.

A number of customers recently contacted me about finding this lifecycle date change to XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008 on the Citrix product lifecycle page. So, I hope this blog will help get the news out to other customers who may not be aware of the milestone change.