Some of you may have attended Citrix Synergy EMEA from Oct. 17th to the 19th , 2012 in Barcelona Spain. The Citrix XenClient team had a special guest in its What’s New in XenClient session on Oct. 17th. Heiko Timmerkamp from Swisscom joined us to talk about the company’s SmarTop managed service offering.

Following an in-depth process of testing and evaluation, Swisscom IT Services chose Citrix’s XenClient Enterprise* (XC-E) running on intelligent clients powered by Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors as the core technologies for its new SmarTop* workplace solution – a truly modern managed workplace service for the enterprise.

“We have been inspired by the new possibilities that Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors and Citrix XenClient Enterprise* have offered, and are extremely happy to see its enterprise readiness proven. We have chosen an aggressive path for implementation, and the support from the technology providers has helped us achieve service maturity at an early stage of this relatively new technology. We look forward to many interesting SmarTop* projects.”

Heiko Timmerkamp, Product Portfolio Manager Workplace, Services, Swisscom IT Services

Swisscom and Intel have published a technical whitepaper on SmarTop which you can access here. For those of you who have not yet tried XenClient, you can download a free trial here.

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