It has been about a month since I returned from Barcelona. I hope everyone had a wonderful and informative time at Synergy and that you saw how serious Citrix is about mobility. For me, it was great hearing from all our customers and partners about how they’re using Citrix products to address their enterprise mobility initiatives. To that end, I’d like to share with you the results of our survey of IT Directors, CIOs, and Architects in EMEA about their mobility initiatives. As a comparison, check out the blog post for our U.S. survey here.

  • Mobile email is the key mobile app, but is also a security concern. Approximately 90% of EMEA respondents are concerned with corporate data residing in email on mobile devices. But, when it comes to supporting mobility, 97% said mobile email is one of the most important applications.
  • Data access and collaboration are also key mobile apps. When it comes to supporting mobility, EMEA organizations have three key application requirements: mobile email, access to documents (including those docs in SharePoint) and collaboration tools.
  • Data security concerns are top of mind in EMEA. We found that 86% of respondents are concerned about corporate information that is locally stored in native mobile applications, 87% are concerned with employees retaining access to sensitive corporate information in unsecured file sharing services when they leave the organization, and 86% are concerned with employees using public cloud services, such as Dropbox, to store corporate files and data.
  • Application heterogeneity is increasing. As with our U.S.-based respondents, the types of applications that organizations are managing is rising. In EMEA, Windows apps represent 63% of a company’s portfolio, followed by internal web apps at 26%, SaaS apps at 9%, and mobile apps at 5%. This picture looks to become even more diverse next year, with Windows apps decreasing to 53% and SaaS and mobile combined increasing to 22% of a company’s portfolio.
  • There is still uncertainty with how to manage mobility. In our survey, we found that EMEA enterprises are still trying to determine their strategy for managing mobility. Today, only 65% have a management strategy in place for mobile devices, 45% have a strategy for mobile apps and only 30% have a strategy cloud data.

Like the U.S. respondents, EMEA respondents are concerned with the security and manageability of data and applications on mobile devices. To address these concerns, CloudGateway is an enterprise mobility management solution that provides mobile users access to all of their apps and data securely. In addition, the new native mobile email and browser applications, @WorkMail and @WorkWeb, deliver users a secure email, calendar, contacts and web solution that is fully managed and secured by IT. Finally, the integration between CloudGateway and Citrix ShareFile Enterprise provides users secure access to the corporate data they need while on-the-go to get their job done.

We are excited to see the interest in mobility from our customers and are interested in how you are addressing mobility in your organization. Also, check out CloudGateway and let us know if it meets your needs.