As part of any desktop virtualization project, you always need a great architecture design that takes current and future needs of your organization into consideration.  A bit of advance planning goes a long way (So take a tip from our woodworking brethren: measure twice and cut once!)

How would you go about creating the best possible reference architecture?

  • Read through tons of white papers (ya, that’s a lot of fun)?
  • Scour the internet (that won’t take long)?

And once you have a reference architecture, how will you present your plan to management and your team?

  • Find your inner Picasso and build your masterpiece with crayons and scissors?
  • Fiddle around with Visio until your eyes bug out?

Of course not! You’re an intelligent IT Professional.  You’ll take the smart and easy route.  You’ll use Project Accelerator.

Project Accelerator is the all-new version of what used to be called Desktop Transformation Accelerator, our assessment, design and deployment tool.  Keep an eye out for it, we will be releasing the beta version of the tool before the end of this year.

After entering information about your users and apps, you will receive a beautiful 5-layer architecture diagram that shows:

  • How each layer and component connects to each other (from user, access, desktop, control all the way through to the hardware layer)
  • Each component down into its most critical parts
  • Details on how each component should be set up to facilitate your specific business goals

And you can export the diagram for presentations to management and other team members. Simply put, there will be no easier or more effective way to start your  desktop virtualization architecture design.

Architecture Diagram

We don’t want you to miss out on this so be sure to register on the Project Accelerator beta sign-up page.

It’s even better than a Picasso! And worth more too!

Lee Friedmann
Sr. Marketing Program Manager