This release, I am thrilled to unveil a new Face of Command Center!

Command Center 5.1 brings a fresh new appeal with an Absolute User Interface revamp. The new UI flaunts more organized and intuitive navigation which has been introduced with the aim to bring consistency across all the Citrix networking products.

The 5.1 release adds to Command Center’s analytics streak by introducing AGEE Syslog analytics. It breaks open the Syslogs into meaningful graphs and pie charts, laying out top 10 parameters of SSLVPN usage. The AGEE Syslog analytics answers questions raised around SSLVPN usage which comes across in day to day administration:

  • Which are the top user sessions?
  • Which are the top ICA application being used?
  • Which users are consuming high bandwidth?
  • While accessing VPN, which client type amongst ICA, Clientless or Agent has been used most ?
  • Which users didn’t match EPA scan policies?
  • Which users have had the most failed login attempts?

On top of these, it also lets you view the top usage data across a certain time period facilitated with clickable graphs.

With CC 5.1 we extend our device management family by introducing Management and Monitoring support for NetScaler Cluster & Repeater for NetScaler SDX. The Cluster Management lets you discover cluster over Cluster IP address or via any node and even lets you perform cluster formation. It also enables Performance Reporting, Configuration Management, Entity Monitoring and Change Management over Cluster IP address.

I know for sure after disclosing these 3 major enhancements you would want to latch onto 5.1 as soon as you can! Now, let me add the icing to the cake by sharing the list of additional reasons on why you would like to do 5.1 Beta 🙂

 Other new features of 5.1 

  • NetScaler SDX Release 10 Support
  • Extended Fault Management Support
  • NetScaler 10.x Upgrade Built-in tasks
  • Wait time & Graceful Shutdown
  • Compression Ratio based BR Reporting
  • Actual Cumulative Vserver Hits & SSL Reporting

As the list entails, this release fortifies most of the core modules. It extends the Fault Management support with NetScaler Cluster and NetScaler SDX specific SNMP traps. It takes the enable/disable entity feature of Monitoring Entities module to another level with wait time and graceful shutdown option. It will now have upgrade to NetScaler 10.x built-in tasks under Configuration Management module. To top it all, it gives support of more counters for NetScaler and Repeater under Performance Reporting module.

I have done a 5.1 hands-on and I loved it!!

Are you Game for it??!! 🙂

 Below is the download link for Command Center 5.1 Beta: