“Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.” — Jean-Nicolas Bouilly

Okay, I’ll admit I had never heard of Jean-Nicolas Bouilly before I searched for a quote about sharing, but that doesn’t make the quote any less fitting for my blog. We are all aware of the value of sharing. We live in a world that’s all about sharing. We share how our day went on Facebook. We take advantage of the Kindle lending library. We share our photos using the PhotoStream feature on our iPhones. And in the workplace, we share our corporate data using ShareFile.

Sharing corporate data goes beyond simple file transfer. Organizations not only need to maintain control over enterprise data but there are also compliance and mobility requirements to address. Citrix ShareFile is an enterprise-ready, follow-me data solution that allows users to sync and share data from any device. ShareFile with StorageZones gives IT the flexibility to choose between customer-managed, on-premise StorageZones leveraging their private cloud or Citrix-managed secure cloud storage options in multiple worldwide locations.

Today, Citrix and NetApp announced we are extending our 10+ year partnership to deliver a solution optimized for Citrix ShareFile™ with StorageZones. Customers who choose to store their data on-premise can now take advantage of NetApp Data ONTAP® software to access data with no downtime, scale performance and capacity with usage growth, and manage costs tightly.

Citrix and NetApp will continue to work together to deliver tested and validated joint tools that enterprises need for their file sharing solution. The joint technologies provide a powerful platform that provides easy file access and synchronization while meeting security requirements. Optimized to work together, StorageZones with NetApp Data ONTAP offers a secure, efficient and scalable for anytime access to data.

Learn more about ShareFile with StorageZones and our partnership with NetApp by attending these upcoming events.