I’ve worked on a lot of products in my career where I would have given my right arm for a little industry recognition.  Heck I’ve worked on products where we couldn’t even make the bottom of the list let alone be recognized as a leader.  Being at Citrix makes it marginally easier because we are automatically on analysts radar, but in fairness we are in a product group that is still relatively new to the company. With recent customer momentum and partner momentum (Cisco, CA, NetApp) announced at Citrix Synergy and recognition like being called out as a Champion in cloud management by Info-Tech Research Group  that is changing quickly!

In a first of its kind vendor evaluation of cloud management platforms, Info-Tech Research Group performed a detailed review of the leading cloud management platforms and has selected Citrix CloudPlatform as a Champion and as the product with the highest Value Score.

The new report, “Info-Tech Cloud Management Vendor Landscape” provides the following guidance on  Citrix CloudPlatform:

Champion – “Citrix CloudPlatform should be on the shortlist of any enterprise or service provider looking to deploy a Cloud on top of either virtual infrastructure and storage or commodity servers, with flexible options and broad hardware and hypervisor support.”\

Best Overall Value – “On a relative basis, Citrix maintained the highest Info-Tech Value ScoreTM of the vendor group. Vendors were indexed against Citrix’s performance to provide a complete, relative view of their product offerings.”

It is always great to be recognized for your efforts and the Cloud Platforms team at Citrix has been consistently delivering a great set of products that are quickly building momentum and being recognized by customers and analysts alike as tops in this space.  I once worked for someone who used to say “When the wind isn’t blowing, its marketing’s job to row.”. Cloud is still an all-hands-on-deck effort here at Citrix and we’ll continue rowing as hard as we can,  but it sure is nice to know that the wind is blowing in our direction and the sails are filling up.

Download the ReportInfo-Tech Cloud Management Vendor Landscape