I’m very excited to share with the Citrix community this morning that the Excalibur tech preview is now available for download.

A little background on this tech preview for those who missed the Project Avalon Excalibur buzz at Synergy couple weeks back… At Synergy Barcelona, MarkT made a number of exciting announcements in his keynote, including upcoming the Avalon Excalibur tech preview (a project that near & dear to me) on Nov 1. In addition to Mark’s announcement, Brad Peterson (our Chief Demo Officer) showed off a number of new capabilities of Excalibur on stage to the Synergy attendees. He highlighted the new, simplified and unified management experience for delivering apps (XenApp) and desktops (XenDesktop), user experience on a Windows Server 2012 hosted shared desktop (aka published desktop), improved help desk support with Director, and deliver Windows 8 VDI to an iPad.

Now,… don’t worry if you missed Brad’s Excalibur demo at Synergy. It’s recorded and posted to youtube. You need to slot 7 mins of your day (do it now if you want) to watch Brad’s Excalibur demo: http://youtu.be/BFgDknoCsbY

I also posted a blog during the keynote on 5 reasons why you want to download the Excalibur tech preview… and after which, many of you emailed asking when you can  try it out in your own lab.

Here is what you need to do to start your Excalibur preview…

1) Download:

To download the Excalibur tech preview, simply go to http://www.citrix.com/techpreview/projectavalonexcalibur. You will be prompted for your mycitrix login. Note that this tech previews does require your organization to be current on Subscription Advantage.

Documentation is important… we have created a set of documentations to help make your evaluation experience enjoyable, from documented known issues, to deployment guide that helps you quickly get started, to information specifically written to help our XenApp admins familiarize themselves with the unified architecture.

2) Install/configure/Deliver Apps & Desktops:

As you go through the install, you’ll noticed the simplified, wizard-driven installation and configuration. This is all as a result of hard work by our Product Design team. We want to make our product easy to install, configure and deliver. And for those of you who participated in our usability research studies in the last year or so, you may even find your input/feedback in this tech preview. And as mentioned before, Excalibur introduces FlexCast 2.0 – unifying XenApp and XenDesktop under a single ISO, installation and deployment. You’ll also find integrated profile management and StoreFront site config in the new Studio management console. So, there is no need to look for add’l download, components to install or other consoles to manage.

3) Giving us your feedback

Let’s make better products together – we want to hear your feedback through out your evaluation. So, look for information on the download page information on how to submit feedback/suggestions/enhancements.

More info to come:

Over the new few weeks, we will be seeing additional blogs offering more information & technical insight for features in  this Excalibur tech preview. So, stop back next week or subscribe to the RSS…

Happy tech previewing!