Whether it’s a natural disaster, transit strike, utility outage, or even the seasonal flu, you need solutions to overcome disruptions to your business operations. No matter what the circumstances, you need to keep people securely connected to desktops, apps, files and online collaboration from any location, on any device.

Partners, tell your customers how Workshifting solutions provides a simple, reliable way to get users back to work quickly following a business disruption of any kind. Go to Citrix Marketing Concierge to create your own campaign, don’t wait! Search keyword: Worshifting and locate the campaign Can your Business Weather any Disruption? (White Paper). It includes: email template, scripted PPT presentation, copy block, white papers, video and much more. You can even upload your contact list and blast your email directly from the portal for FREE!

Help your customers plan and be prepared. Don’t let a disaster be a roadblock to their Business!

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