If you’re feeling a little more work pressure right now, you’re not alone. It’s a rough week to be in IT. Hurricane Sandy is prompting executive questions around disaster recovery preparedness and contingency plans.  The debut of the Microsoft Surface and iPad Mini may be driving a discussion around your enterprise tablet strategy. Windows 8 advertising is everywhere- during sports, news shows, political debates, and your favorite sitcom – so users are asking when you’ll be adopting the new OS. Suddenly, you’re in the spotlight for some answers. Lucky for you, automating application compatibility can help you and your team be prepared for any of these discussions.

Hurricane Sandy has devastated much of the US Northeast. We’re definitely thinking of everyone affected and hoping for a fast recovery.  My coworkers, vendors and partners are trying to continue “business as usual” through power outages- working on generator power, charging mobile phones where they can, just trying to get back to the usual routine. Virtualization makes their work possible –  their desktop is accessible no matter where they’re connected.  (Here’s a great example- see the comments section in this desktop virtualization article).

Before a disaster, plan which applications you can deliver with a virtual desktop. Even for day-to-day work, it makes sense to have virtual capabilities for specific teams or divisions. Executives and sales teams might be most productive accessing their virtual desktop from a tablet. Now it’s easier than ever to determine which applications can be delivered via a virtual technology with the Citrix AppDNA application management software. Model application delivery options with AppDNA software to learn if you can deliver critical line of business applications via a virtual desktop – then end of month reporting can still happen, even if a hurricane prevents travel to the physical office.

The AppDNA software integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory, so you can slice analysis to test application compatibility for specific apps used by on the go sales teams. Quickly see how a virtualized desktop on a tablet works for their business needs.  AppDNA software uniquely also pulls unmanaged application data from Lakeside SysTrack, so there are no surprises that revamp your deployment plan. You can discover early on if the marketing team has been relying on an unmanaged application for lead generation campaigns and plan how to deliver that system in the virtual desktop.

Last month Citrix announced AppDNA early access features for testing Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 and Windows Server 2012. If you’re still planning a XP migration, check out the early support for Windows 8 to gauge how your line of business applications will migrate. Be prepared for the questions around your OS strategy.

Best of all? You can start your application compatibility planning with no cost. At Synergy, Citrix announced a greatly expanded AppDNA application migration trial that includes unlimited application import. Perform application testing for groups of apps or all of your apps at no charge. See the current application compatibility of your applications for Windows 7, Windows 8, XenApp or App-V — and the application remediation work needed for deployment. With the AppDNA Effort Calculator, model the time, cost and staff needed to provide applications on a virtual platform or new OS.

Be prepared for the tough questions this week. Download the 30-day AppDNA application migration trial today and arm yourself for a clearer path to meet the business needs amid disruption. Whether disruption comes in the form of a natural disaster or an executive with a shiny new tablet, you’ll be ready to intelligently outline an application delivery strategy as well as the time and budget needed to achieve the end goals.