This guest post comes from our friends at Electric Cloud.

Software is eating the world, and DevOps gets us to that meal faster

When Marc Andreessen famously made that reference back in 2011, he was not just talking about hi-tech and internet businesses, but rather much broader verticals that include agriculture, manufacturing, education and healthcare. A billion app downloads later, we are clearly in the ‘get-to-market-quickly or die’ marketplace.     Today, software is everywhere and growing it’s foot print: from a child’s toy to the Mars Rover and everything in between. Such voracious appetite for software surely comes with its share of challenges. Coupled with new and exciting delivery models such as Cloud, SaaS and mobile, today’s software delivery is struggling with immense complexity in process, tools and infrastructure. As a result, we are seeing an increasing amount of AWS-like outages, mobile device returns, security breaches and app fragmentation.

In short, we are suffering an increasing “software heartburn”. The IT version of indigestion, hiccups and other malaise.

Continuous Delivery and DevOps are new trends that are being adopted to simplify, model and automate software delivery processes. While still in its inception, DevOps as a movement is seeing tremendous adoption. Not only from software vendors and open source communities, but also from customers across sizes, verticals and geographies. At Electric Cloud, we are proud to be a key enabler of so many household brands such as GE, General Motors, Facebook, Intel, Samsung and Phillips just to name a few. Whether they are building a smartphone or a smart car or smart app, our customers rely on Electric Cloud’s technology to automate and accelerate their software production. Due to this customer intimacy, we are fortunate to have a ring side view of their adoption of key trends such as Cloud, Agile and DevOps. We are seeing customers move from what used to be month-long software release cycles to now a single-push process that takes them less than few hours for the same delivery. As part of DevOps movement, we are seeing smart cloud adoption where application dev, test and release teams are in seamless sync with their IT/Ops teams.

To our DevOps customers, self-service to Cloud or virtualization is so 2010. They have gone well beyond that. DevOps adoption gives them ‘just-In-Time’ consumption of compute resources. They want cloud resources to automatically follow the ebbs and flows of their software delivery process. As their software release pipeline moves from code check-in to production release, the appropriate compute resources are automatically spun up during the usage and torn down when not needed. Within their Continuous Delivery pipeline, they are able to model and assign application-specific compute resources as part of their overall process.

This vision for DevOps and Cloud is what excites me about our Citrix partnership. Sameer Dholakia’s keynote at Synergy this year highlighted Citrix’s vision of ‘specialty Clouds’. He outlined the need for workload-specific Cloud architectures and made a strong case for how one size does NOT fit all. This is a vision we share at Electric Cloud. Dev-Test and application workloads tend to be the most elastic in nature and very complex in terms of the attached processes, tool chains and distributed teams involved. Hence the DevOps-ready architecture from Electric Cloud’s DevOps platform leveraging Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack and NetScaler provides a very unique and timely solution. The solution offers optimal integration of the software delivery processes such as build, test and release with the cloud infrastructure layer, enabling customers to accelerate processes, tasks and resources involved in the entire lifecycle and to deliver high quality software faster to the marketplace.

We are beginning to see results as our customers adopt these trends. Whether it is scientific researchers at CERN in pursuit of the so called God particles (Higgs Boson) leveraging Electric Cloud and CloudStack, or the Android developers seeking faster time to market or the good folks at GE and FamilySearch that are adopting Agile and Continuous Delivery methodology, DevOps is certainly here as a trend to solve software delivery complexities.

Let there be more software eating of the world. We are happy to provide the needed antacids, aperitifs and even the steroids.

We are eager to hear from you on what you are seeing and how you would like to see partnership such as Citrix and Electric Cloud evolve with you needs. Please comment here or drop an email to

Here is a quick video that highlights real customer case studies in today’s software delivery and DevOps and showcases our Citrix partnership. DevOps: Enabling Smart Dev-Test Clouds

– Prathap Dendi, Vice President, Business Development at Electric Cloud