Following on the sessions from Synergy in Barcelona I thought I’d round up some of the ideas we discussed and share some of the content.

There were probably 3 big things which resonated with all at the conference and I’ll highlight these here:

  • Unlimited application imports
  • Free reports
  • Forward Path for modelling multiple technology environments

Unlimited application imports

This was definitely well received. Imagine being able to deploy all of the power of AppDNA analysis on your entire portfolio, for free. Yes free! Included in all versions is this new capability. With the free trial version you will also have the ability to report in detail on 5 web applications and 5 windows applications. The things that’s new here is how we license the product. Previously we ‘clicked’ off a license each time an application was imported, now we only ‘click’ off a license for the reporting detail which means that there are several free reports available.

Free reports

Now, included for free, for unlimited applications are the Effort Calculator and Estate View reports. This is a pretty big deal and a counter example to the adage of “you get what you pay for”. With the Effort Calculator you can get a sense of how much testing and remediation time there will be for any of the technologies available in the AppDNA system including Windows Server, Windows client operating systems, application virtualization and 64bit computing.

With the Estate View you can see classes of issues and how many applications are affected by them. You can also see the individual algorithms used by AppDNA and how many applications are affected.

These two reports are portfolio-wide and deliver a valuable overview of your portfolio – running these are the first thing you should do when using AppDNA.

Forward Path – find the best way to deploy your applications

This is one on the most exciting capabilities within AppDNA. This technology enables you to ‘codify’ your objectives and apply this logic to all of the applications in your portfolio or as part of ongoing operations to new applications or changes to applications.

Where you have multiple platform and delivery scenarios it can be difficult to determine which is best suited based on an application’s compatibility or suitability for virtualization.

The touch question is where do you start? How do you make the choice to virtualize the application or not and which OS and delivery method is best?

AppDNA Forward Path enables you to ‘codify’ the logic which will determine the best outcome for an application. This logic can be based on any of the plethora of data points available for each application. E.g.

  • Will it work in App-V
  • Can it be fixed if not directly suited
  • Will it work on 64bit
  • Is it suited to multi-user server based computing environments
  • And many, many more…

This logic is encapsulated in an AppDNA Forward Path script so that it can be applied to any portfolio or group of applications within the portfolio or even individual applications as they are added to the portfolio.

The end result is simplicity itself. AppDNA drives your application decision processes.

From the powerful Overview Summary report which has data from all active reports   and all applications

To the Forward Path report which shows   which scenarios are best for the applications in the portfolio

I’d encourage you to take a closer look at AppDNA and if you’re already a user be sure to get the latest release and make the most of its capability.

The forward path script demonstrated at the deep dive at Synergy.


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