Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How many physical servers will I need for 1,000 hosted VDI users?
  • Should I use Hosted Shared desktops?

Well we have, and we’ve come up with an easy way for you to answer those questions. We’re releasing Project Accelerator, the all-new, all-singin’ and dancin’ version of what used to be called Desktop Transformation Accelerator at the end of this year.

Project Accelerator will continue to guide you through our proven Asses, Design, Deploy methodology as before, but with improved Hardware Sizing –Sizing that dynamically adjusts with each new input.  

We made this change because the #1 request that our consultants and partners often hear early in a customer’s desktop transformation journey is around hardware sizing.

  • How many servers will I need?
  • How much hardware?
  • I’ve heard about IOPS…how do I figure out IOPS?

The Virtualization Plan and Sizing chart output from Project Accelerator will provide a detailed breakdown of sizing, in addition to clear recommendations around which FlexCast model to deploy to each target user group and the order in which we would recommend deploying them.

Right about now, I bet your saying “No Way”.   Well “Way!”.

Project Accelerator will ask you 5 basic questions about your users.

  • Level of personalization required?
  • Level of security required?
  • Level of mobility required?
  • Level of business impact if access to desktop is lost?
  • Level of desktop resources required?

And 3 questions about your applications

  • Are they technically challenging?
  • Are they resource intensive?
  • Are they used by the majority of your users?

Project Accelerator will then take that information and generate specific recommendations around your hardware sizing needs.—It’s like magic!

We don’t want you to miss out on this so be sure to register on the Accelerator notification sign-up page.

Up until now, how have you gone about sizing your desktop virtualization projects?