This guest post comes from our friends at Scalr.

Scalr is on premise, multi-cloud management software. It gives you a single pane of glass to view all your infrastructure–EC2, CloudStack, you name it–in one place, and provides convenient templates (known as Roles), for devops and software architect agility.

What makes Scalr awesome?

Every cloud is different, and as such, optimal failover strategies and scaling algorithms differ from one to the other. Scalr packages these optimal procedures in what it calls “roles”, that are ready as services to be consumed. And when such packages doesn’t fit an organization’s specific needs, custom automation can be achieve with the ‘Orchestration Engine’ which lets you define the When, What and Where automation triplet (i.e. when? new VM provisioned,  what? run script or recipe, where? across all instances).

#Scalr provides packaged services for mainstream software, called Roles.

Scalr integrates with the leading cloud cost optimization provider, Cloudyn, to help your CFO audit, optimize, and report on cloud spend. It provides instance type optimizations, based on past usage statistics.  Using it ourselves, we increased utilization by ~50%, which translated to ~30% decreased cloud spend.

#Scalr helps CFO and accounting departments reduce cloud costs

You wouldn’t want an intern to have full-access to your infrastructure. Or a contractor to retain ssh-keys after his contract expires. Or, you might be a consultant running multiple projects at the same time, and wouldn’t want customers to see each other’s infrastructure. You want isolation from each other. You want proper access control, with everyone having access to the components he needs to perform his job, no more and no less.

Scalr provides all the permission management and governance you’d expect from a leading cloud management provider.

#Scalr provides comprehensive oversight and governance tools

And since you’ve stayed with us until the end of the post, here’s the icing on the cake: Scalr is open source and you can have your own installation of Scalr behind your firewall.  You can test Scalr right away by signing up for a free trial.

Here’s a link to a short speech about how Scalr could help you build a highly redundant and a secure cloud infrastructure.

– By Sebastian Stadil, Founder and CEO, Scalr