Last week at Citrix Synergy we launched Citrix Auto Support.

Citrix Auto Support is a simple, online troubleshooting platform and health-checker for your Citrix environment.

This is one of the key tools our support engineers use to troubleshoot problems. It can assist in the diagnosis and fixing of hundreds of known issues…and now we are making it available to all of our customers.

We are now delighted to announce the public beta release of XenApp for Citrix Auto Support.

In 4 easy steps you can analyze your log files, profile your XenApp environment and scan for hundreds of known issues. It takes only minutes to deliver clear, actionable advice customized to you.

1. Download and Run Citrix Scout – generates diagnostic log files from your XenApp environment.

2. Upload the log file to Citrix Auto Support – See here for how to generate diagnostic data for other supported products.

3. Wait a few minutes – the file will be parsed and measured against hundreds of parameters.

4. Review the results –

  1. An easy red/amber/green list of issues and actions, such as:
    • Known issue detection
    • Best practice recommendations
    • Existing patches
    • System update information
  2. A snapshot of your entire environment
    Servers, versions, settings, CPU usage, etc.
Learn more in this video
In addition to support for XenApp, Citrix Auto Support also supports XenDesktop, XenServer and NetScaler.

 Auto Support is free and waiting for your log file uploads. Give it a go.
Leave a comment below and let us know how Auto Support helped you.

David McGeough
Citrix Auto Support Marketing Manager