Since we released the first version of the Citrix Mobile Application SDK we have been looking at different ways we can better engage developers and provide them with access to our latest work. While we have been busy working on the next version of the SDK, we have also made a range of updates to our existing sample apps. So we thought we’d try using CodePlex as a mechanism for giving you access to these latest samples. CodePlex is a site for hosting Open Source Software. It allows us to upload source code and pre-built packages for developers to download and use. You can find our CodePlex project at the following URL:

Our CodePlex project currently holds an updated version of our mobilized XenApp administration console. The original version was designed for use on a smart phone layout only. The new version adds support for tablet layouts as well. When run from a tablet it uses a split, two column layout, with sessions or servers listed in the left hand column and a details view on the right hand column.

Tablet layout for XenApp Admin console

The console uses the Mobile Application SDK to detect the layout of the users’ device and will update its layout on the fly to match. So you can start the app from a tablet device, disconnect your Citrix session and then reconnect later from your smart phone. The app will detect this change and swap from the dual column tablet layout to a single column phone layout. So if you’re interested in providing this kind of multi-layout support in your own mobile apps, this is a great example of how to do it. In particular this sample is a useful companion to the following video I made on creating multi-layout apps:

If you’ve looked at the original sample that came with the SDK you will also notice a few other changes:

  • You can now view the details of the servers in your farm, not just sessions.
  • Tapping on a session will now show the detailed state of the session, previously only a summary was shown.
  • To toggle the selection of multiple sessions to reset them, you now have to tap the Edit button at the bottom of the page. You can then tap on the sessions to toggle their selection status.

So hopefully you will find this updated sample useful when it comes to creating your own mobile apps – enjoy!