Lots of buzz around all the different partnerships announcements at Synergy keynote that the NetScaler team was super busy leading to this event and during this past week.  Alliance marketing team provided a summary of all the partnerships announced this week if you want to hear more details.

The Cisco partnership annc really created so much excitement that before Padmasree Warrior even finished her talk during Mark Templeton’s keynote and before the John Chambers video came on, I already got a message from one of the EMEA account managers that some of Cisco partners would like to meet that day to discuss what NetScaler is about. In fact, I even got to tell Mark T about it at the Citrix booth after the keynote – all great stuff! 🙂

Summarizing the week for NetScaler, Learning labs were all full even up to the last day of Synergy.  See pic below of NetScaler 10 lab yesterday!

NetScaler customer panel session with NTT Europe, Boeing, Virfor Pharma and Lease Plan Information services showed that NetScaler resides in both the XenApp and XenDesktop environments as well as with business critical applications.  Some key nuggets that I walked away with in this session:

  • Some are using both MPX and VPX and different customer setups.
  • VPX being used in enterprise cloud platform
  • Some NetScalers are integrated with their internal orchestration system and have many different deployment scenarios such as web farms and web application firewall
  • Some are using NetScaler not only load balancing and security features but also for caching and really making an impact for better performance in their network
  • Netscaler technology used to solve customer latency and performance issues over the WAN

Other NetScaler sessions were also well attended.  Even with laptop issue at the beginning of SUM210 session, folks still stayed to hear about Citrix Service Provider Best practices for reliable and scalable XenDesktop and XenApp deployments with NetScaler.  It really showed that folks were interested to hear about NetScaler features that can provide differentiation for CSPs.

Thanks for joining us in a lot of the NetScaler sessions and check out the Synergy site for recorded videos for some of these sessions as they become available.  And definitely provide your feedback on other topics that you want to hear from NetScaler team in the next Synergy event.