It is all about the user experience isn’t it? In today’s mobile-cloud world, it isn’t about the complexity; end users don’t care about that. They care about two things, “Is it easy to access apps and data? Is it fast?”. Citrix is providing the simplicity for the cloud era with assurance of high performance to meet the users’ expectations. Citrix vision for the future of desktops and applications as a service is outlined in this blog. The blog discusses how we provide the simplicity with our service driven delivery of desktops and applications.  With the simplified platform support provided by Avalon, our primary goal of Director and HDX EdgeSight® is focusing on ensuring a positive end user experience. We believe the end user is king and providing the proactive assessment and enabling partners allows the customers to meet the user expectations with Project Avalon.

End User Experience

A positive end user experience is the gatekeeper to end customer satisfaction. Ever had a user call up and complain their session is slow? Trying to figure out what could be causing the slowness is the most difficult pain point and very time consuming. With Director, our goal is to provide actionable analytics. Give the admins the right tools not only to help reduce the time it takes the help desk to resolve the issue but to also provide the ability to quickly pinpoint where the issue is. I’m sure everyone is familiar with, “it’s not me, it’s you!”. How are we addressing this in Avalon? Director introduces the ability for deep insights in the user’s logon process, the first experience a user encounters in their virtual environment, impacting their overall impression. In-session performance issues can quickly be diagnosed by leveraging the new HDX EdgeSight®. HDX EdgeSight® technology gives administrators real-time analytics on the experience of end users, helping them quickly diagnose and solve problems. Quickly pinpointing a user’s session latency due to network issues, showing where the slowdown is in the network helps answer the difficult question from your end user, “Why is my session slow?!”.

Proactive assessment

Do you want to know when a problem is occurring in your environment prior to SLA’s being impacted? SLA assurance is key to the success of the delivery of desktops and applications. If they aren’t met, not only will customers expect their money back, but most likely they will quickly switch to a service that provides better user experience. In today’s world, it is all about speed and reliability. Advanced analytics provided by HDX EdgeSight brings together disparate data sources and correlates data to enable the system administrator actionable insights resulting in smarter decisions and better business outcomes.

With users connecting over relatively complex networks that span public and private clouds, HDX EdgeSight® provides deep network analytics. This new capability introduced in Director provides the system administrator with a common place to ensure the overall health of the XenDesktop environment based on real-time assessments as well as pro-active assessments of trends. Now you will be able to see not only where the problem exists, but also the potential impact to the users allowing you to quickly fix the issue.

Partner enablement

Citrix believes in its partners, we are open and want to give our customers the choice of monitoring their virtual environment with the same tools and processes that they use to monitor the physical desktop and application environment. With Project Avalon, we will continue to provide public APIs to our Citrix Ready partners enabling monitoring and management for the delivery of Citrix desktops and applications.

The future is here!

Project Avalon is the vision of the future. Creating a better monitoring and management product by listening to customers and reducing their pain through our solution is my mission. I look forward to hearing about your experiences as we fulfill our vision of the future.