Sorry, much like Family Guy, I can’t resist a good Sound of Music reference. Now if only I could figure out how to incorporate “flibbertijibbet” into this blog…

Anyway, even if you’re not singing from a hilltop, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself that very question or at least something along those lines. How can you ensure your move to the cloud doesn’t require a leap of faith? How can you make sure your decision is sound and won’t float away along with your data, apps and users’ trust? That’s easy, select a solution that’s already winning the confidence and trust of enterprise customers and service providers across the globe.

As we highlighted today in one of our exciting announcements from Synergy Barcelona, Apache CloudStack continues to see significant acceleration in traction in the open source world. With more than 30,000 community members, CloudStack has become one of the fastest growing and most active open source community projects of any kind in the market. CloudPlatform and CloudStack also continue to enjoy growing commercial success and several leading telecom companies announced today that they are standardizing on Citrix CloudPlatform as the foundation for their next-generation cloud offerings.

Building on this momentum and success we’re already seeing together, Citrix and NetApp announced an extension of our current collaboration aimed at accelerating the adoption of enterprise cloud deployments. Together, Citrix and NetApp will provide a fully integrated cloud orchestration and storage solution that will address storage automation, resource allocation, and virtual machine backup and recovery. The move greatly simplifies cloud storage deployment for the companies’ mutual customers and will result in faster transitions to private and hybrid clouds.

Today, product integrations with NetApp storage enable Citrix CloudPlatform to discover and seamlessly incorporate NetApp storage as primary and secondary storage. Moving forward, collaboration between the two companies will build on this existing success with a focus on combining NetApp unified storage solutions and Data ONTAP with both Citrix CloudPlatform and the Apache CloudStack project, providing users with a cloud-ready storage environment that will optimize storage utilization, simplify maintenance, and accelerate the transition to an agile data infrastructure.

Get NetApp’s point of view on our recent announcement here.