How? By running your own call blitz!

Increase sales pipeline and generate high quality leads by dedicating specific days to making focused calls that will result in a lot of buzz, excitement and closed deals. Check out all the valuable resources (i.e. call scripts, PPT presentation, white papers, etc…) we made available to all our partners on Citrix Marketing Concierge. Search keyword: Shark Days.

Through this initiative, we’re encouraging our partners to dedicate 2 to 3 days to calling their customers and prospects to discuss Citrix solutions (i.e. networking, desktop virtualization, BYOD, Workshifting, and more…) and tell them how they can benefit from these solutions. Choose those days to focus on a specific solution or product and generate lots of excitement and awareness. Convert leads to opportunities and close more deals!

We’ve  also created several multi-touch campaigns partners can use to build their pipeline that are available on Marketing Concierge at no cost. Citrix Marketing Concierge is your one-stop shop for marketing materials, templates and more – designed to help you quickly and easily build customized go-to-market campaigns. There is even a “Why Use This Campaign?” area for directions and campaign descriptions.

Don’t wait to increase your pipeline and close more deals! Take advantage of all these resources on Citrix Marketing Concierge.

Happy selling!

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